Comment E-POP MODE révolutionne la distribution des créateurs de mode en France ?

Dans un marché de la mode de plus en plus saturé, les créateurs cherchent sans cesse des moyens innovants pour se démarquer et augmenter leur visibilité. E-POP MODE apporte une solution phygitale en proposant des corners créateurs au sein de boutiques multimarques et concept stores à travers la France.

Comment E-POP MODE peut aider les créateurs de mode à développer leur distribution et améliorer leur rentabilité ?

What are the advantages of buying in store with a QR Code?
QR codes transform the shopping experience into a more practical, personalized and enriching experience. Whether you are a shopping enthusiast or a merchant keen to offer the best service to your customers, QR codes are an innovative solution to consider.
A new customer experience in fashion stores
The adoption of phygital sales in multi-brand fashion stores offers a powerful way to reinvent the customer experience. By offering exclusive designer products, offering an innovative shopping experience, distinguishing themselves from fast fashion, and building customer loyalty, these stores are well positioned to thrive in an increasingly competitive market. Phygital retail is not just a passing trend, it is a truly transformative opportunity for forward-thinking fashion retailers.
Reinventing the shopping experience in multi-brand stores
The phygital model in multi-brand fashion stores offers a purchasing experience that skilfully combines the advantages of touch and digital. By allowing customers to see, touch, and try products, while providing easy access to detailed information and home delivery options, retailers can not only improve customer satisfaction but also boost loyalty and sales. 'commitment.
A revolution for fashion designers: “phygital” sales

But how a simple QR Code can transform the sales experience

Phygital sales in your commercial strategy is not only a trend, but a necessity adapted to new consumption paradigms. It allows you to maximize your impact, expand your market and innovate your sales approach. Take the step, and transform the trial into lasting success.

What is phygital sales?
Phygital, a term evoking the synergy between the “physical” and the “digital”. Unlike pure digital, phygital stands out through the use of tools and devices integrated into physical points of sale, thus transforming the customer experience.