E-Pop Mode Vente-phygitale-boutique-mode

How it works ?

Phygital sales in stores

A new experience in selling ready-to-wear items

E-POP MODE corners are only represented in a limited number of multi-brand and independent ready-to-wear stores in France.

We love fashion designers

Talented fashion designers who are launching themselves into this universe with their arts, their philosophy.

We love independent boutiques

Boutiques in the heart of the city which must differentiate themselves from fast-fashion brands, and which offer exclusive models.

We love our customers

Those who support the French textile industry and local commerce. Those who want to wear original models produced in limited series.

We love the planet

We reduce the impact of the textile industry on the planet, by favoring natural and recycled materials, while remaining focused on short circuits.

How it works ?

E-Pop Mode - vente phygitale processus E-pop-Store-Mode-Process-GB

Do you like the item in store?

  1. Discover, touch and try on the fashion designer items presented in store
  2. Do you decide to buy it? Scan the QR Code in store with your phone.
  3. On the E-POP Mode platform, finalize your purchase.
  4. You will be delivered to your home free of charge within 48 hours on average.


To scan the QR Code, you simply use your mobile phone.

You pay directly on the secure platform with your Bank Card.

Shipping costs are free of charge.

Average delivery times are 48 hours.

You have 14 days to return your order to the creator. A return voucher is accessible from your customer account.