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E-POP Mode Mode Designers

Are you a designer, a fashion designer?

A new sales experience in multi-brand boutiques & concept stores, with phygital sales.

Customers see, touch, and try on your designs before making a purchasing decision.

We place your models in multi-brand stores in our network:

The models you want to sell are purchased by the store. They serve as display models for customers to see, touch and try on the item, before ordering it via their phone on E-Pop Mode.

E-Pop Mode-boutique multimarques

A guarantee of selling in store with better profitability (X2 minimum)*.

*The designer increases her distribution margins in stores. Our simulator shows you in advance your income on each sale in store.

You sell in stores

You develop your visibility in multi-brand stores in the E-POP Mode network, without worrying about marketing.

You sell all year round

Sell ​​all year round, at your own pace, based on your collections and stocks.

You interrupt whenever you want

There are no store limits or duration obligations. You interrupt your distribution with E-POP Mode whenever you want.

You anticipate your production

 You anticipate your production and your stocks, there are no unsold goods.

On your brand

There is no competition in store, and the items are presented with your brand. You develop your notoriety.

No exclusivity

There is no exclusivity, customers can buy your creations directly, without our intermediary.

Discover all the advantages of phygital sales

Join our creators:

E-Pop Mode logo marianne by marie jordane
E-Pop Mode - april & c vetement femme
E-Pop Mode logo epoques jeans
E-Pop Mode logo c bergamia
E-Pop Mode asur logo pantalon
E-Pop Mode - Kouka - veste jeans recyclées
E-Pop Mode soshoo chaussure femme impression 3D
E-Pop Mode - made in romans- chaussures femmes

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