A revolution for fashion designers: “phygital” sales

If you are a fashion designer, the way you present and sell your creations evolves with new consumer expectations. “Physical” sales, combining the advantages of physical and digital, are becoming essential for boosting your brand.

But how can a simple QR Code transform the sales experience?

Synergy between online and offline

The integration of technologies such as QR codes on product labels allows customers to instantly access additional information online , improving their shopping experience and strengthening their engagement with the brand. This strategy also provides an opportunity to collect valuable data on consumer preferences and behaviors, thereby facilitating marketing and sales decisions.

Enriched experience for customers

Multi-brand boutiques and concept stores offer an essential physical platform for designers. According to a 2023 study, 78% of buyers always prefer to touch and try products before buying them (Src: Fashion network) . By integrating your creations into these spaces, you benefit from this preference, while providing a digital dimension that enriches the experience.

Increased visibility and increased sales

A presence in selected stores gives you access to a larger and more diverse customer base. In 2022, a market analysis revealed that brands present both online and in physical stores saw an increase in sales . This figure demonstrates the effectiveness of the phygital strategy, which combines increased visibility and accessibility.

Instant feedback and continuous improvement

Direct interaction with customers in store gives you immediate feedback on your products. This allows you to quickly adapt your creations to the tastes and needs of your customers . Statistically, brands that adapt their products following customer feedback increase their customer satisfaction, thus promoting loyalty.

A unique storytelling opportunity

In store, each piece can be accompanied by its story, creating an emotional connection with the consumer. Brands that effectively leverage their in-store storytelling often see an increase in customer engagement , which translates into higher conversion rates.

Inventory optimization and increased sustainability

Phygital sales also allow for more efficient inventory management. By displaying your products in multi-brand boutiques and concept stores, you can test the popularity of certain items before launching large-scale production , thereby reducing the risk of overproduction. Brands that use market testing approaches reduce their unsold inventory, contributing to more sustainable and responsible fashion.

In conclusion, integrating phygital sales into your commercial strategy is not only a trend, but a necessity adapted to new consumption paradigms. It allows you to maximize your impact, expand your market and innovate your sales approach. Take the step, and transform the trial into lasting success.