Reinventing the shopping experience in multi-brand stores

By combining the tactile and visual aspect of traditional shopping with the convenience and information of digital, multi-brand stores offer a unique shopping experience. Let's imagine a scenario where the customer, seduced by a designer model in a store, can see it, touch it, and try it on, then, by simply scanning a QR code, access exclusive details, reviews, and order the product for free home delivery.

How does phygital sales enrich the customer experience?

Complete sensory experience

The first stage of the phygital in-store experience allows customers to see the materials up close, touch the textures, and try on the cuts of the fashion creations. This physical interaction is essential because it helps the consumer evaluate the quality and style of clothing, which is often impossible online. Fitting rooms equipped with smart mirrors that offer different sizes or colors also increase the efficiency of this experience.

Immediate access to enriched information

By scanning a QR code attached to the garment label, customers instantly access a wealth of information that goes far beyond what is available via a traditional label. This can include details on where materials come from, styling tips, runway videos with the item being worn, and even reviews from other customers. This depth of information helps customers make more informed purchasing decisions.

Simplified ordering and free delivery

Once the purchasing decision has been made, the ordering process via the QR code considerably simplifies the acquisition. The customer can choose their size, color, and other personalized options , pay directly from their smartphone and opt for free home delivery. This step eliminates logistical and time barriers, making impulsive and thoughtful purchasing equally easy.

Exclusivity and feeling of privilege

The phygital purchasing option also makes it possible to offer exclusive models not available elsewhere or in limited stock, thus increasing the feeling of privilege among the consumer. Knowing you can get something unique and special builds brand appeal and drives engagement.

Reduction of the ecological footprint

By choosing direct home delivery, stores can reduce their ecological footprint . Fewer return trips by the customer means less traffic and, potentially, fewer product returns because purchasing decisions are better informed and more thoughtful with access to comprehensive information.


The phygital model in multi-brand fashion stores offers a purchasing experience that skilfully combines the advantages of touch and digital. By allowing customers to see, touch, and try products, while providing easy access to detailed information and home delivery options, retailers can not only improve customer satisfaction but also boost loyalty and sales. 'commitment. Phygital commerce is more than a trend; it's a necessary evolution that meets contemporary consumer desires for a shopping experience that is immersive, informative, and incredibly convenient.