What is phygital sales?

Phygital, a term evoking the synergy between the “physical” and the “digital”. Unlike pure digital, phygital stands out through the use of tools and devices integrated into physical points of sale, thus transforming the customer experience.

The Origin of Phygital: A Response to the Evolution of Commerce

The advent of phygital dates back to 2013, in response to the meteoric rise of online commerce. Brands, faced with the need to reconcile physical and virtual sales, have sought

The advantages of phygital are multiple and tangible:

  • Increase in store attendance

Phygital initiatives boost in-store traffic, as statistics show. Online presence encourages more than half of consumers to visit stores more regularly.

  • Simplifying In-Store Purchasing

Customers express specific expectations regarding in-store digital tools. Nearly half of French buyers expect these devices to save them time when shopping.

  • Improved Brand Image

Brands that adopt a phygital strategy see their image strengthened, thus promoting customer loyalty and the effectiveness of promotions.

  • Personalization of the Customer Journey

Phygital enables deep personalization of the customer journey, offering personalized recommendations and tailored shopping experiences.

The Key Role of Phygital Tools: Towards an Enriched Customer Experience

At the heart of phygital are a plethora of digital tools, each helping to shape an immersive customer experience:

- Mobile Applications: These applications allow customers to locate, check and reserve items in store, thus facilitating the transition between e-commerce and physical points of sale.

For our part, we opt for the use of QR codes which take the customer directly to the E-POP Mode platform.

- Interactive Windows: Interactive windows capture the attention of passers-by by offering unique and engaging shopping experiences.

- Touchscreen kiosks: Touchscreen kiosks provide customers with detailed product information, reducing wait times at checkouts and improving the overall shopping experience.

Conclusion: The future of commerce is Phygital

In conclusion, phygital is emerging as a catalyst for transformation in the contemporary business landscape. By uniting the best of the physical and digital worlds, it offers brands an unprecedented opportunity to redefine the customer experience and thrive in an ever-changing environment. For fashion designers and multi-brand boutiques, embracing phygital is no longer an option, but a necessity to remain relevant and competitive in an ever more demanding and competitive market.