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French label emerging in the eco-responsible streetwear segment.

The creator


ZILIOX is based on the love of slow and circular fashion. Driven by strong values ​​of humanism and respect for the environment, ZILIOX embodies the vision of non-binary, inclusive and timeless fashion.

ZILIOX clothing stands out for its streetwear style and futuristic design, it stands out for its responsible and local manufacturing in limited quantities which combines ecological materials and processes. In order to maintain control of a production chain on a human scale, reduce the carbon footprint and avoid overproduction, ZILIOX guarantees French manufacturing.

A requirement for proximity that we impose on ourselves in our development in order to guarantee the quality of our products while promoting French know-how.

ARTisanal Made in France

Everything is designed and made by hand in our French workshop in Alsace. Our teams have expertise guaranteeing high-end finishes and a premium level of quality.

streetwear and futuristic design


non-binary mode

the love of slow fashion