Mademoiselle Djoon

A universe where nostalgia meets contemporary elegance.

An urban refinement, a timeless elegance that resonates like the chorus of a captivating song.

the Designer



Mademoiselle Djoon “le Sweat Chic” reappropriates the Sweatshirt, mixing elegance and comfort in a contemporary symphony , she designs her pieces from the collection like a musical score where each detail represents a note, each material a harmonious accord for lasting elegance .

Made in France

Creation of models and prototyping in his workshop in Paris. Manufacturing in a Parisian family workshop.


The fabrics come from Europe. Each of the brand's pieces are produced in limited series to avoid overstock.

Committed brand

All the pieces in the collection are timeless. They are created to last, from creation to manufacturing.


a touch of glamor to your casual look

Miss Djoon

A look at the emancipation of women


a touch of glamor to your casual look