Chemise Yaku – Black Velvet - Kanten - E-POP MODE - Corner de mode phygital


An ergonomic, unisex and responsible locker room

The models are developed with great attention to finishing, with sewing techniques such as baggage that only qualified workshops can carry out.

The creator


Kanten is a clothing brand based in Paris offering limited series, made from high quality fabrics from fashion houses. Our products are all made in Paris with local professionals.

Made in France

Magnetic creations, and screen printing in the workshop located in Paris.


Fabrics from dormant stocks of major fashion houses, with a quality rarely found.

Unisex and ergonomic

The clothes can be worn between couples and adapt to each person thanks to the magnets.

Kanten means point of view, perspective in Japanese


a minimalist rendering

clothing should be simple
and playful