E-Pop Mode kaouka veste jeans recyclés mode


The artisan creator of jeans

Ultra confidential series from recovered jeans
The creator


E-Pop Mode - Kaouka Eric thierry
E-Pop Mode - Kaouka veste en jean recyclé

It was in 2011 that the brand name and its visual identity were born. It will be necessary to wait a few years before the first collection leaves the workshop. 2018 is a memorable date, because it is during this period that the first capsule collections were noticed. Far from disposable fashion, rigorous in details, doing “upcycling” by revisiting traditional Japanese clothing like BORO kimonos, as well as worker jackets and blazers.

Made in France

Our workshop is located in Marseille


The models are made from pieces of recycled jeans.

Kaouka - veste jeans recyclés- E-POP-MODE

Confidential models

E-Pop Mode - Kaouka, veste jeans recyclés créateur mode

Unique pieces

100% recycled jeans