Jean Claude 100% coton indigo de époques


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Jeans accompanies us everywhere, however with the democratization of synthetic materials in fabrics and increasingly rapid consumption patterns, quality has gradually been neglected. The idea of ​​epochs is to relocate denim production as much as possible to have better control over quality. Ultimately, Epoques will create an entire range of jeans allowing all body shapes and tastes to find the product that suits them.

Made in France

To promote true local know-how, we seek to relocate as much as possible all of the manufacturing stages of our jeans in France.


Our goal is to create jeans that can last a lifetime, and pass them on to future generations. With this in mind, we guarantee the repair of all our jeans in case of wear.

Jean Claude 100% coton indigo de époques

A raw fabric for elegance

Jean Silva 100% coton indigo de Epoques

Timeless & casual

Jean Claude 100% coton indigo de époques

fitted cut

Unique jeans that suit you